Antenna Repairs or Fixing Bad Reception

Is your antenna broken or falling off? Your local antenna experts will be able to fix it straightaway. With our same day service, get your antenna back up and running instantly.

If your TV is pixelating or if you’re having bad reception on your TV, our team of highly qualified antenna technicians will be able to quickly diagnose and fix any reception issues for your TV. Do not risk climbing on to the roof yourself.

Diagnosing the problem requires a signal test at the property. While at the property, our highly experience technicians check the splitters and the tv points too to make sure they are digital compliant, and not faulty.

Faulty reception can be fixed by relocating your TV antenna to a different spot too. Only a qualified technician would be able to figure out, using their signal testing devices as to what location on your roof would catch the highest frequency of TV antenna signals. The technician will then be able to relocate your antenna by putting up a new secure mount.

Diagnosing the issue requires a technician to inspect what the problem is. Call us now on 0435-062-749 and we will be able to arrange a free on-site quote at your desired time.